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Fuckin’ Sale?

I saw a very interesting news clip: Since I am not “subscribed” to that site, I could not leave a comment there – so I will post it here. “I like this one! Yet, after living for 33 years … Continue reading

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My way to Japan

  I was born at the water front – in the port town Kiel. This is probably also the reason why I am still living near the water, only not any longer in Germany, but in an small Japanese town … Continue reading

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misunderstandings …

Japanese language has a lot of aspects. Some of which can create for foreigners some unexpected “twists” either in their own expression, the way they are understood by others – or “the way you understand how the world works”. For … Continue reading

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夕方食事の後で何となく色々と古い写真が持ち出されて思い出話をした。 その中に添付の写真で見られるのは次男(現在24歳)が約2歳の頃お灸をして貰う。彼は軽度の喘息を持っているので、お灸すると幾分良くなると本人も感じたようだ。 「さあ、お灸するよ」といったらちゃんとそれらしくの体勢(江戸時代の民間療法を示す挿絵が思い出す光景)に入り、特別文句も言わなかった。 このような小さな子供にお灸が出来るなら、多彩な言い訳をしてお灸を避ける大人にも出来る。 ************ This is about moxa treatment. The picture shows me treating my 2-year old son (who is today 24) with moxibustion, because he had and still has a mild degree of asthma. I treated him and … Continue reading

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Wieder einmal sieht sich die Menschheit der Bedrohung durch einen Feind ausgesetzt der so klein ist, dass man ihn nur unter dem Mikroskop erkennen kann. Und obwohl die Gefahr beim besten Willen nicht leicht genommen werden darf, Aufregung im Angesicht … Continue reading

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Somebody asked in a comment my full name. Did I not give it? If not – it is no secret = Thomas Blasejewicz as a form of “self-introduction”, you may have a look at my other “sites” my web site; … Continue reading

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Chinese quality

A few days ago, again, I got a message from some Chinese company – and went to the trouble of answering. This is only MY PERSONAL view, but I still like to present it here. **************** original mail ***************** Dear … Continue reading

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