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Foreigners are not welcome …

Well, the other day I wrote a little something about accepting foreigners for clinical observation in Japanese with reference to the number of practitioners, who have registered on the official website of the JSAM ( -> that are EIGHT people … Continue reading

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Stop suppression

I’ve just joined an amazing organization called “Avaaz”, which means “voice” in many languages. Check it out here:

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Before a practitioner can start treating people, s/he must first find out what is wrong – as far as that is possible at all. Naturally there are many ways to do that and I am not going into the details … Continue reading

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Degrading translators

Image by Getty Images via @daylife   Apparently I submitted a quote through, although I really do not recall that one. That company, “” replied yesterday:   “Thanks for your response to my ProZ ad regarding Japanese to English … Continue reading

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Four pages … how much is that?

Again and again I get job offers through a number of translator sites like etc., like this morning, where the offer sounds like this: “We are looking for some one to translate around 4 pages from Japanese to English. … Continue reading

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“Foreign studies” in Japan

Good evening, or rather good morning from Japan Well, while this about a sort of “personal endeavor”, it is not really about me, but rather about Japan. And I definitely DO NOT have any qualifications that would make me a … Continue reading

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