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Shunga: more sex please, we’re Japanese – Telegraph

See on – my translation work Erotic woodcuts may have once shocked the West, but they were seen as life-affirming in Japan Thomas Blasejewicz‘s insight: yes, this is something the world should know …and modern Japanese people remember! See … Continue reading

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New word – “gibberization”

Recently EVERYBODY is talking about “globalization”. On the entire planet everything has to be the same -> “standardized” maybe “globalized” — if there is such a word. Just one color, one taste, one concept for everybody. The Chinese will be … Continue reading

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“The situation is under control”

This morning I glanced at the TV (show!) reporting that Tokyo has been elected as the Olympic site for 2020. Prime Minister Abe was also shown talking on a press conference. There he said (regarding the nuclear accident at Fukushima): … Continue reading

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