Japan Finally Apologizes to Its Women – Bloomberg View

Yahoo Movies UK Japan Finally Apologizes to Its Women Bloomberg View On June 23, a middle-aged male Japanese politician, dressed in the traditional dark suit and ’80s-retro haircut, walked in front of a waiting line of news cameras, to where a…

Source: www.bloombergview.com

Sure, sending out one scapegoat for the official "apology performance" is better than nothing, but it sitll covers several other people. And the town’s assembly (mostly men) voted NOT to pursue this matter further.

So, "male" people, bragging about their male superiority,  can sit there and can make stupid jokes, but none of those whimps has the guts and literally "stand up for his" actions.

It IS a disgrace and there is no way of hiding that.


How can anybody entrust those people with leadership (in this case the control of one of the largest cities in the world???

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German acupuncturist living in Japan for 32 years. My ideas about "common sense" may not necessarily be common sense to others.
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