Only STANDARD patients need apply …

According to the following article:

China has issued “acupuncture treatment protocols” for so-called standard treatments:
“The National Technical Committee on Acupuncture and Moxibustion Standardization Administration of China and China Association of Acupuncture-Moxibustion (CAAM) issued the protocols.”

Well, everybody watch out!
Only STANDARD patients with STANDARD symptoms will be accepted in STANDARD clinics, that use Chinese(!) STANDARD protocols to treat STANDARD diseases/conditions with STANDARD techniques and (naturally) SUBSTANDARD (=Chinese) materials.
That fits just beautifully into the Chinese mindset where everybody and everything has to be exactly the same.
Wonderfully suited for mindless robots.

Everybody is naturally FREE – as long as THIS concept is allowed – to choose “scientific standard treatment” for their respective symptoms.

Speaking only for myself, I take the liberty of being equally free in NOT accepting take kind mechanistic robot treatment for myself.
In this respect Japan is an “acupuncture paradies”.
Since nobody, at least nobody in any sort of powerful position, gives anything (a rats ass, if you pardon the expression) about oriental medicine, its development and application, there are about as many “styles” here as there are acupuncturist. Although people love to quarrel here too, nobody is more “right” or “wrong” than anybody else.
This makes the country a glittering, fascinating treasure island for insights, techniques, knowledge and off course the manufacture of products with a quality far superior than anything that comes from China.

I firmly believe, that the “Japanese way” of acupuncture is much better suited for MOST people of the world than the Chinese standard stuff.

(I took the liberty of expressing my opinion in form of an ebook:
4) “Acupuncture .. the easy way – or the hard way” ・・

Which I will shortly make also available for free (hoping for minimal “donations”)

About nyuwa

German acupuncturist living in Japan for 32 years. My ideas about "common sense" may not necessarily be common sense to others.
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