Trek bikes & quality (2)

After complaining to Trek Japan, which gave only the very strange answer, that I should contact the retailer regarding the unusual fast rusting of all metal parts, then Trek USA and finally sending a personal mail to the founder and CEO of Trek (he invites customers to do that!), I got a response. Someone from Trek USA contacted me and after having look at the pictures I sent him promised to replace the rusty parts.
Currently my bike is “in the hospital” (somewhere in Kobe) for repairs and replacements.

While that is very kind (well, after just one month this SHOULD be covered by the guarantee), it raises naturally one question.
Since my bike is definitely NOT order and/or handmade … it most likely rolls together with hundreds, maybe thousands of other bikes off some assembly line, where ALL bikes are fitted with identical, (VERY) substandard parts. If that is correct, there must be hundreds – thousands of “defective” bikes rolling around.
Does this not indicate, that Trek has a SERIOUS quality/safety problem?
Or am I as usual missing something important?

About nyuwa

German acupuncturist living in Japan for 32 years. My ideas about "common sense" may not necessarily be common sense to others.
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