Chinese quality? – Fight back!

Well .. Chinese quality = EXTREMELY POOR quality. Sometimes with the INTENTION to deceit or harm!
I have written about my personal experiences with “Chinese quality” und added the links to those entries below.

Here are my recent encounters with the glorious achievements of that country.
Which … however ALSO indicate an equally treacherous mind of the western companies USING “Made in China” products.

(1) Two months ago my children bought me a new bicycle (Trek) for my birthday.
After only 4 weeks most metal parts where covered in rust. After sending my complaints several times to Trek (including its founder personally – he invites people to do that), Trek picked my bicycle up and changed almost all metal parts. Free of charge, naturally. They did not explicitly answer my question, whether the rusty metal parts are made in China, but I  think their deliberate evasion of that answer speaks louder than words. Or is this nowadays the standard “American quality”?
Trek DID NOT change the rusty bolt of the stem, because that is something I changed 2 days after I got the bike.
That part is a “3T” product. An Italian company famous for bicycle parts. A luxury brand .. just like Trek.
That company took about 2 weeks to respond to my claims about poor quality.
THAT company explicitly admitted, that the rusty bolts are Made in China.
They are now sending me a replacement -> upgrade. Their website shows, that the set of bolts alone is 32 USD.

Since my products (the Trek bike and the the 3T stem) are NOT specifically order made items … it is only natural to conclude, that there must be hundreds, or more likely thousands of similar substandard products.
Product the respective companies sell with the attitude “Let’s see, if we can get away with it.” As long as the customers do not complain, both those western companies and China will make big profits selling shitty quality.

Maybe if more (a lot of!) customers would excercise their right to complain about this unacceptably low quality, the luxury brand companies realize, that this is unethical, unacceptable and may put them eventually out of business. Also sending the Chinese the message, that their s**t is NOT what sane customers want, when they buy brand products.

My blog entries (1) and (2)
(1) from 2012
inside: Fake Malaria Drugs Made In China; famous story
As long as we (Chinese) make money with those fake drugs, who cares about a few (tens of) thousands deaths?
Book about “Chinese quality” + the Amazon entry:

(2) also from 2012; links inside = apparently not available any longer

(3) Article: Why “Made In China” Is Still Synonymous With Low Quality:
(4) Recent story about a “repair” to the Great Wall
Wonderful. The Chinese mess up even their – and the world’s – cultural heritage with their cheap s**t.

There’s Nothing ‘Great’ About This Repair Job on the Great Wall of China

(5) Trek bike + quality 1
My first blog entry about the Trek bike quality (with picture of front wheel)
(6) Trek bike + quality 2; second blog entry

(7) Mail response from 3T with link to bolt set:
Hello Thomas,
We will send you the titanium bolts upgrade kit. The bolts are fabricated in China.

1) knife. Real Chinese quality. It would NOT be surprising, if someone would get hurt. But who cares …
2) Front wheel quick release lever, 4 weeks old
3) One of the two parts of the Trek bike head set: 6 weeks old
4) The 3T stem, showing 3 of 4 bolts. On this picture about 8 weeks old.

a kitchen knife made in China

a kitchen knife made in China

intentional deception!

intentional deception!

Trek hub rust headset-rust 3t-front

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