Trump supporter? – May I have a word …

Well, as a supporter of Trump you endorse his doings, right? Right!

Broadcasted interviews show people stating “give the man a chance”, or “he is doing a fabulous job”.

Naturally, these people are entitled to their opinion/belief/behavior.

So am I.

As such, I would like to question the legitimacy of some of his actions.

Start with the “less important” ones: his declaration of war on the planet.

It is no secret that he is clearly opposed to environmental protection and has publicly called climate change frequently a hoax in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary (=delusion). Lately he made the incredibly wise decision to put a person in charge of the environmental PROTECTION agency, who is an outspoken opponent (enemy) of such protection. Prurit, Trump and their billionaire buddies are interested ONLY (like in “only America first”) in a few billion dollar desperately needed extra pocket money a few top executives will make. I very much doubt that any ordinary worker will see any benefits from this policy.

The agenda therefore is: Pollute as much as possible. Go and kill the planet – and in doing so the future of mankind.

But since he is such a wonderful guy, that is alright, right? Right!
“We’re not spending money on that (-> environmental protection) anymore,” White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said during a press conference on Thursday. “We consider that to be a waste of your money.”

Trump’s delusional “vision” that climate change is just an invention of people, who want to slow down the economy (what exactly does that mean?) means, however, he and everybody who is supporting him endorses the goal to kill the future of the children, grandchildren, their children and grandchildren …… for countless generations to come. Right? Right!

If it were possible that you could choose to pollute “America FIRST AND ONLY” … I would say: go right ahead, be my guest.

Unfortunately, every 6-year old knows, that is not possible. All the dirt and dust you sanctioned to create will affect the entire planet = mankind as a whole. And NOBODY – not even Trump, who seems to think he is the ruler of the world – has any “right” to do that.

(and once things start to fall apart can do anything about it; his dirty Harry approach: “you do as I say or I blow your head off” does not work with mother earth)

What you are about to do WILL affect also my children and grandchildren. I don’t like that idea! If I get just half a chance, I will gladly pick up a gun and shoot Trump and his buddies. He has just converted me – and probably a LOT of other people on the planet – to “terrrosim”. Maybe he should send over one of his firing squads so that I can be “fired” (upon).

I am working in the field of medical care. And there is one thing I can assure you of.

In case of violation of the laws and rules of nature, this nature does NOT offer any mitigating factors, grace periods or other special treatment. Only certain punishment!

Right now mankind as a whole is for MOTHER earth something like the fleas on a dog. Its presence starts itching. And mother earth, or mother nature, WILL react to the violations of her laws and rules. No exceptions. It does not matter what any of those top idiots like Trump, Xi, Putin etc. say. Or what YOU, the Trump supporter, wishes to do or see to happen.

So .. MOTHER earth WILL give the naughty boy Trump and everybody else a little spanking. For sure. 100%. However, as opposed to the spanking administered by a basically loving mother, a “little” spanking by mother earth may easily wipe out our entire species. Unfortunately a lot of other species will be dragged along into hell. Who will take responsibility for that? Trump? You? Unlikely.

But that is alright, right? Right!

Fuck our children.

Fuck our grandchildren.

Fuck other countries / people.

Fuck the planet.

Fuck the future.

(to use the eloquence of American culture)

Trump will not be around to see this wonderful scenario, since he is already a delusional geriatric who will not live that much longer. I wonder how his currently 10-year old son will evaluate his father’s actions in 30 years.

How about you? If you live another 30 years and have grandchildren, how exactly will you justify your actions today to them, when coastal areas have flooded, vast areas turned into deserts, countless species become extinct and temperatures have soared so high, that crops will wither and cause billions of people to starve to death?

Problem: you cannot just go and buy a new planet in the convenience store at the corner once you have destroyed this one. In case you have not yet noticed: there is only ONE globe = habitat to many species. Humans are just one of the many and definitely depend on many other species.

Or does that not concern you, since you are living in this “great” country America, where the (so-called?) laws of nature have been abolished by presidential order and thus do not apply.

No need to explain anything.

No need to worry about anything.

Right? Right!

Do the people standing behind Trump and cheering him on really/earnest believe, they can get away with this? Unbelievable.

I remember asking my father when I was young, why he did not do anything to stop Hitler and his insane policies at that time.

Now I dread the time when my children and grandchildren will question my actions in relation to the global climate. I am trying very hard NOT to be a burden on the planet.

How about you? What are YOU going to tell your children?

But who cares, right? Right!

There is so much RIGHT here, it seems Trump supporters voluntarily limit their field of vision to a very narrow strip of the right-sided field of vision of the right eye only. Naturally, that makes is difficult to see the “big picture”.

Please forgive me rambling around like this, but this is something I wanted to say. There are MANY things more I would like to say, but I leave it at this for the moment. Even if there may not be any next time.

Einstein once said:

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.




About nyuwa

German acupuncturist living in Japan for 32 years. My ideas about "common sense" may not necessarily be common sense to others.
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