Refuse to treat Trump supporters

Good evening

As an acupuncturist practicing in Japan approximately 15% of my patients are foreigners of a variety of nationalities. Apparently American people – in particular those associated with a naval base close by – communicate among each other via Facebook.

Apart from treating people, I have been trying for over 20 years to help foreigners who would like to observe (maybe even learn) acupuncture in Japan.

So maybe I should also post this little announcement here.

On my website detailing a little about observation of acupuncture in Japan:

I already stated so →

I am NOT willing, nor under any obligation, to treat or otherwise help people who in any way support Trump.

Thomas Blasejewicz


About nyuwa

German acupuncturist living in Japan for 32 years. My ideas about "common sense" may not necessarily be common sense to others.
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