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Am I crazy?

Most likely yes. For a long time already I refuse to work for Chinese companies, because I am under the impression that the Chinese are liars and thieves – they prove it globally on a daily basis (I wrote several … Continue reading

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Trump supporter? – May I have a word …

Well, as a supporter of Trump you endorse his doings, right? Right! Broadcasted interviews show people stating “give the man a chance”, or “he is doing a fabulous job”. Naturally, these people are entitled to their opinion/belief/behavior. So am I. … Continue reading

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Global warming – rich people just don’t care

The picture(s) were taken maybe three weeks ago. We had very nice and pleasantly warm weather. Not even the Japanese people were complaining about it, ant THAT is remarkable! Across the street from my clinic TWO deluxe cars were stopping, … Continue reading

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German bureaucracy

Yesterday I had to go to the German embassy in Tokyo to apply for a new passport. Appenrently they introduced an “appointment system”: if you want to apply for a passport or visa, you have to make an appointment in … Continue reading

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夕方食事の後で何となく色々と古い写真が持ち出されて思い出話をした。 その中に添付の写真で見られるのは次男(現在24歳)が約2歳の頃お灸をして貰う。彼は軽度の喘息を持っているので、お灸すると幾分良くなると本人も感じたようだ。 「さあ、お灸するよ」といったらちゃんとそれらしくの体勢(江戸時代の民間療法を示す挿絵が思い出す光景)に入り、特別文句も言わなかった。 このような小さな子供にお灸が出来るなら、多彩な言い訳をしてお灸を避ける大人にも出来る。 ************ This is about moxa treatment. The picture shows me treating my 2-year old son (who is today 24) with moxibustion, because he had and still has a mild degree of asthma. I treated him and … Continue reading

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