Sex, sex, sex ……………………………

Well, sex is “extremely” natural and essential for life.
Apart from that it usually is fun – and I love sex.

But … 100-200 spam mails a day – often ONLY sex drug spam – telling me that drug A is good for ED, drug B a good sex life, drug C supposed to make your wife happy … the exact same contents coming every 5 minutes from different addresses ….
this is (if you allow me to use the English language used to write these “mails”) a “fucking annoyance”!!!
Last time I checked my mail was 2 am. This morning by 10 there were 100 of those.
During the same time period I received only one spam and 1 advertisement (pertaining to my business) mail in Japanese.

All these mails are in (American) English. The products seem to be coming from “over there” too.
Is this meant to indicate, that the entire English speaking population, specifically the American population and the idiots who send these excrements (in more colorful language: shit, crap …), suffer from impotence? To speak with Trump: sad.
If that material is distributed by the pharmaceutical companies actually manufacturing the products in question: even worse!!!

Anyway, I have a little request:
Please use those chemicals on yourself and FUCK OFF!!!

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Welcome (2)

There seem to be many ways to “welcome” people who happen to stop by your house.
This picture is another example of telling someone, the doorsign “welcome” is not to be taken literally.
Maybe in this example they are trying to keep motorcycle sales representatives away …

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Welcome (1)

Pretend you walk down the street and come across a house like the one in the picture.
The owner waves to you, saying “How a jumping in for a coffee? After that you can jump off again to be on your way.”

Let’s go and have a coffee!

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A patient of mine – who also tries to establish himself as a writer – wrote an article about me and somehow convinced an editor at the Japan Times to publish it. For people interested .. here the link to the electronic form.
Naturally, it assigns qualities to me*, that I do not have and exaggerates (make them look/read better) those that I do have.

• Me: I am just a regular Joe with no special talents.

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Am I crazy?

Most likely yes.
For a long time already I refuse to work for Chinese companies, because I am under the impression that the Chinese are liars and thieves – they prove it globally on a daily basis (I wrote several times about “Chinese quality parts” in my Trek bike!) and on national TV proudly announce their acts as heroic deeds in the name of their motherland.
Since the American people have recently chosen to make a delusional psychopath King of America and that king (together with his billionaire buddies) has now declared war on life on planet earth – which includes the life of my four children! – I chose to recline work coming from America in my PERSONAL choice of NOT supporting people who try to kill the planet.
(Anyway, working in this industry for over 30 years has shown, that rates offered by American companies are the same like those offered by companies from Vietnam, Malaysia, India etc. Therefore I have the greatest trouble imagining that AMERICAN translators living in AMERICA can make a living on those slave rates.)

By reclining work offers from China and America I probably hurt myself more than anybody else. But knowing that these people are destroying the planet AND are enemies of freedom … I cannot bring myself to work with a clear consciousness for them. In this way I am also trying to prepare myself for the questions my grandchildren are likely to ask 20-30 years from now …

So, probably I AM crazy.


Usually I add one of many quotes I have on file to mail inquiries, like the following from Thomas Jefferson:
“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
Thomas Jefferson, 1802
(• Maybe “banking institutions/banks” should be replaced by “Trump and his billionaire buddies”)


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往診 ・・・









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ただし・・・! 2-3念ほど臨床経験あれば、技術も知識も私のものを遥かに超えるに違いない。経験のある先生が私のやることみれば、すぐにでも私は無知無能な南蛮人だと明らかになるでしょう。

やるとしたら2人や4人 - 此方の治療院を使うと想定し、ベッドは2台しかない - がお互いに治療をし、私はそばで見て、場合によって手を取って「案内」する。その間色々なお話をする。



◆受 講 料
1日につき 会員30,000円 非会員35,000円
2日間受講(組合せは自由) 会員50,000円 非会員60,000円

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